Eilyn Cueto

Eilyn Cueto was born and raised in Miami, and she was very young when she started to realize she was drawn to the field of interior design. She didn’t realize it at first, but she had a tendency to do things earlier than others. This attraction actually began when her father would take her to the local Home Depot as a young girl, where she would convince him to buy her some paint for her bedroom, invoking her mother’s permission to get him to go along.

Of course, he would always give in, and she would go home, lock herself in her room and paint the walls. At the same time, she would rearrange everything inside to create a brand new atmosphere and feel. This was a pattern she would repeat every few months and, while she didn’t understand it then, thiswas the germination of her passion for interior design. Eilyn Cueto was just 16 when she graduated high school, which means she but being that age, she really didn’t know what to do for a living. Her practical side thought it might be good to go into law, but her heart was not in it, she took the opportunity to travel awhile, and fell in love with Costa Rica, where she spent almost 6 years in college, where she studied architecture and interior design. Eilyn Cueto also began to discover her fresh design vision while still in college, working as a freelance designer with a licensed architect. From there, she was able to design and build numerous public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, markets and many more. In fact, by the time she returned to Miami, she was ready to open her own company, from which she gave her best to clients throughout the state of Florida and even internationally.