Eilyn CuetoFrom her unique perspective, Eilyn Cueto has a passion for design, but she also believes it to be very important to remember where she came from. That is why she is always trying to give back to her community. This is, in fact, her key motivation for her activism with so many prominent charities in South Florida and beyond, including The Salvation Army, KidSanctuary Campus, and the international chapter of Un Techo para mi Pais (A Roof for my Country).

Eilyn Cueto strongly believes that every human being should have a place they can call home, especially the children, so she works hard to make that happen. When she was being raised in Miami, she developed a commitment to the field of design at a very young age, even though she didn’t recognize it at first. When she was very young, her father would take her to Home Depot and she would proceed to convince him to buy her paint for her bedroom. Back home, she would lock her bedroom door, paint the room and rearrange everything else. It was a pattern she would repeat every 3-4 months or so and she points to that as the start of her passion for interior design.